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Enhance Safety with Speed Bumps & Stops

Optimize traffic flow and increase safety across Central Florida with our custom speed bump and stop solutions. Ideal for diverse settings from apartment complexes to homeowners’ associations, our services are designed to meet your specific safety needs. Review our services below or contact us now!

Custom-Designed Speed Bumps & Stops

Our speed bumps are expertly crafted from a high-quality hot asphalt mix, ensuring durability and effectiveness. Each bump is meticulously rolled and compacted to achieve the ideal dimensions—approximately 2-1/2″ in height, 12-18″ in width, and a standard length of 20′. Tailored to the unique contours of your road, we offer flexible designs that can accommodate water flow by incorporating strategic openings in the center or along the edges.

Secure Your Speed Bump & Stop Installation Today

Serving the entire Central Florida region, from Orlando to Pine Hills, Absolute Asphalt Services is your trusted partner for installing speed bumps and stops. Enhance the safety and functionality of your parking lots and roadways. Contact us at 407-878-3155 or use our form below for a complimentary estimate.

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