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Searching for a sealcoating company in Azalea Park? Sealcoating is the best way to protect and maintain asphalt. The composition of sealcoat is actually a mixture of mineral oil, emulsified asphalt, water and additives. The purpose of sealcoat is to provide protection and beautification. We have experience providing high-quality sealcoating in Azalea Park.

First and foremost, when asphalt is exposed to environmental conditions such as rain, chemicals and U.V. rays, it begins to degrade.

To be more specific, the binder will degrade and cause the asphalt to turn brittle. This is why sealcoating is so important for extending the life of your asphalt pavement. This strong layer of protection not only creates a barrier between environmental elements but also creates a beautiful, clean look. Sealcoating makes surfaces slip-resistant and doubles the life of asphalt.

This service is essential for your commercial property. Not only does it improve the look of your business by creating a stunning finish, but it also saves you money down the line. Having to tear down pavement and install a new one is a waste of money, especially if it can be avoided. With sealcoating, you never have to worry about asphalt deteriorating quicker than it should.

Everything You Need to Know About Sealcoating

Sealcoating is highly effective at preventing oxidation, environmental damage, weather damage and other forms of deterioration. It is best to reapply sealcoating every two to three years. This means the only regular “maintenance” on your asphalt will be sealcoating. Cleaning your pavement is far easier once sealcoat has been applied.

Protecting your pavement from water and similar elements is the best method for keeping your investment in tip-top shape. Sealcoating is pennies compared to the cost of brand new pavement.

Sealcoat is always applied to a clean asphalt surface. It can be applied with a squeegee or sprayer. Every time sealcoat is applied, you are improving the look of the pavement. Pavement looks brand new following a fresh sealcoat.

Select the Best Sealcoating Company in Azalea Park

When it comes to your commercial property, you’ll want to ensure a professional is completing the job. We have the experience and training needed to properly sealcoat your pavement. A mistake on your pavement could mean delayed business and further inconvenience.

That’s why at Absolute Asphalt Services we are committed to improving your pavement and meeting your needs quickly. Whether this is your first time sealcoating or you’ve had the service done before, let us show you the “absolute” difference. We are committed to improving your pavement and increasing its longevity dramatically.

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If you need sealcoat applied to your asphalt pavement, we are your go-to provider in Azalea Park, Florida. We service Central Florida and the surrounding Orlando areas.

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We are your one-stop shop for commercial parking lot maintenance. From installing a stop sign to paving and re-striping an entire apartment complex we can do it all. All jobs get the same personal attention, no shortcuts. We take pride in the quality of services and workmanship we provide for our clients. Whether it’s a large or small commercial project, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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Paving is the installation of asphalt on a base when creating a new parking lot or overlaying an existing irreparable lot.


We have a full line of standard signs (STOP, YIELD, WRONG WAY, etc) and can custom make any specialty sign for you.

Asphalt Repairs

Why does asphalt fail? Many reasons, but the main reason is that water has penetrated the base or sub-base area.


Sealcoat is a mixture of emulsified asphalt, mineral fillers, and other additives. Sealcoat is applied to the cleaned asphalt.


We can accommodate all of your concrete needs, from installation of a new sidewalk to replacing a broken curb.


Using Department of Traffic approved paint, we have all your painting needs covered, from curb to handicap space and more.

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Speed bumps are a great way to slow down traffic. No matter the type of parking lot, we can install it for you.

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