Road Paving in Meadow Woods

Like most things in life, road paving is a process that we must go through to have a finished product. In Meadow Woods, we take our road paving seriously and have a variety of methods and materials to choose from. We will explore the different types of road paving in Meadow Woods, the process of road paving, and the benefits of using Absolute Asphalt.

The Importance of Road Paving

There are many reasons why we need to pave our roads:

  • Unpaved roads can be very dangerous. They can become extremely muddy and slippery during bad weather conditions, leading to accidents.
  • Unpaved roads can also be damaging to vehicles. The constant driving over bumps and potholes can cause damage to the car’s suspension and tires.
  • Unpaved roads are not suitable for the environment. The dust and dirt kicked up by cars traveling over them can create air pollution and climate change.

Types of Road Paving For Commercial & Residential Projects

There are a few different types of road paving that we can use in Meadow Woods. The most common type is asphalt, made from bitumen and gravel. It is a very durable material that can withstand heavy traffic loads and extreme weather conditions.

Another popular type of road paving is concrete, made from cement, sand, and gravel. It is a very solid material that can last for many years with proper maintenance.

Finally, we also have brick paving, made from bricks and mortar. It is a very traditional type of paving and can add a touch of elegance to any road.

Methods of Road Paving In Hot Climates

There are three main methods of road paving that we use in Meadow Woods – rolling, spraying, and laying. Rolling is the most common method and involves passing a heavy roller over the surface of the asphalt to compress it.

Spraying is just what it sounds like – spraying the asphalt onto the surface of the road. And laying is simply spreading the asphalt out on the surface by hand.

The Process of Road Paving

The road paving process usually starts with preparing the surface of the road. This involves removing any bumps or cracks and leveling out the surface. Once the surface is ready, we can begin paving.

First, we lay down a layer of asphalt, and then we use a roller to compress it. We do this until we have a thick enough layer to support traffic. Finally, we smooth out the surface and add markings and reflectors.

Problems with Road Paving

Even though road paving is necessary, it doesn’t always go smoothly. During paving, there can be many problems, such as wrong materials being used, uneven surfaces, poor drainage, and damage to underground cables or pipes.

Absolute Asphalt: The Best Road Paving in Meadow Woods

Despite the occasional problems, road paving is an important process that we must take seriously. And when it comes to asphalt paving, there is no better company than Absolute Asphalt. We have been in the business for many years and have a reputation for providing quality workmanship at a competitive price.

So if you need road paving in Meadow Woods, be sure to call Absolute Asphalt!

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We are your one-stop shop for commercial parking lot maintenance. From installing a stop sign to paving and re-striping an entire apartment complex we can do it all. All jobs get the same personal attention, no shortcuts. We take pride in the quality of services and workmanship we provide for our clients. Whether it’s a large or small commercial project, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Paving & Overlay

Paving is the installation of asphalt on a base when creating a new parking lot or overlaying an existing irreparable lot.


We have a full line of standard signs (STOP, YIELD, WRONG WAY, etc) and can custom make any specialty sign for you.

Asphalt Repairs

Why does asphalt fail? Many reasons, but the main reason is that water has penetrated the base or sub-base area.


Sealcoat is a mixture of emulsified asphalt, mineral fillers, and other additives. Sealcoat is applied to the cleaned asphalt.


We can accommodate all of your concrete needs, from installation of a new sidewalk to replacing a broken curb.


Using Department of Traffic approved paint, we have all your painting needs covered, from curb to handicap space and more.

Speed Bump

Speed bumps are a great way to slow down traffic. No matter the type of parking lot, we can install it for you.

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