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Discover the gold standard in paving and overlay services with Absolute Asphalt Services, where every project is an opportunity to showcase our commitment to quality and durability in creating or revitalizing your parking spaces. Review our services or contact us now!

Tailored Solutions for New and Existing Parking Areas

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of paving needs. Whether laying down a new foundation or giving an existing lot a new lease on life with an overlay, our approach is detailed and focused on longevity and performance.

Establishing Robust Foundations for New Parking Lots

The secret to a lasting parking area lies beneath the surface. For new constructions, we meticulously prepare the site, removing up to 8 inches of soil to make way for a 6 to 7-inch compacted base, topped with a minimum of 1-1/2″ of Type SIII hot asphalt mix. For areas expecting heavy traffic, we recommend increasing the asphalt thickness to 2 inches, ensuring the parking lot stands the test of time and use.

Expert Overlay for Worn-Out Pavements

When asphalt deterioration is beyond simple repairs, our overlay process breathes new life into your parking areas. We start by clearing all debris and loose material, followed by applying a tack coat to bond the new layer of hot asphalt mix to the existing pavement. Typically, we aim for a 1-inch thickness, adjusting for heavier commercial traffic with an additional layer as needed.

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