Parking Lot Sealcoating In Meadow Woods

Searching for parking lot sealcoating In Meadow Woods? Sealcoating is a way to keep your asphalt looking brand new without having to bring in a cement truck and redo your pavement every year. It protects your parking lot from weathering and harmful materials by placing an impermeable covering on top of your asphalt.

This process can extend the life of your parking lot if you have a consistent sealcoating schedule, but many factors can contribute to how frequently this needs to be done in order to keep your parking lot in good shape.

The Quality of  Sealcoating Is Essential

The quality of the company that is doing your sealcoat is going to greatly affect how often you need to get a new sealcoat. If they did a good job then your sealcoat will last a long time.

Sometimes their material is too watered down and causes the sealcoat to be ineffective. Our sealcoat applicant is a great mix of ingredients that will keep your asphalt shiny and crack-free for longer periods of time.

How Many Coats Are Being Applied?

At least 2 coats should be applied in order to produce the best results. We make sure that our first coat has fully dried before applying our second coat. We will wait at least 1 day before allowing traffic onto your fresh seal coat.

How Much Material is Being Used?

The quantity of the sealer are they using is critical. Sometimes a company will say that they did 2 coats, but they barely used any sealer during either coat, and both times they were watered down.

We use an optimum level of sealer to achieve the best results possible.

How Much Traffic is Coming Through the Area?

The more traffic that your parking lot has the faster the asphalt will wear. If you have a high volume of traffic you should get a 3rd coat of sealer to make sure that your asphalt will hold up to the high volume of traffic.

Where You’re Located?

Some parking lots can get large cracks and potholes due to water freezing in the cracks of the asphalt. It’s a little bit different in our area because we don’t have to worry about ice here in Florida.

The large amounts of moisture and humidity can erode and damage your pavement over time. Our hot Florida sun can soften your asphalt and when people drive over on it, it’s more likely to crack.

So How Long Exactly?

If the job is done professionally by experts like us then you should only have to worry about getting a new sealcoat every 3 -4 years. Most people that do parking lot sealcoating in Meadow Woods don’t do as thorough of a job as we do and you will have to spend extra money getting your parking lot sealcoated every 6 months – 1 year because they use cheap watered down sealer and they don’t do enough coats to make the cheap stuff work.

You will pay an extra price on top of that because the mixture of the old coats and the new coats will counteract each other and end up causing damage to your pavement because you were overcoating.

Is it Time For A Near Parking Lot In Meadow Woods?

As long as you keep a consistent schedule of sealcoating your asphalt every 3-4 years you’ll be just fine. Visit our online contact portal to get a free quote on parking lot sealcoating in Meadow Woods today.

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Paving is the installation of asphalt on a base when creating a new parking lot or overlaying an existing irreparable lot.


We have a full line of standard signs (STOP, YIELD, WRONG WAY, etc) and can custom make any specialty sign for you.

Asphalt Repairs

Why does asphalt fail? Many reasons, but the main reason is that water has penetrated the base or sub-base area.


Sealcoat is a mixture of emulsified asphalt, mineral fillers, and other additives. Sealcoat is applied to the cleaned asphalt.


We can accommodate all of your concrete needs, from installation of a new sidewalk to replacing a broken curb.


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