asphalt repair


Expert Pothole and Asphalt Repairs

All asphalt requires patching at some point in its life. The best way to avoid potholes is to maintain your parking lot, garage, and roadways. Poorly done patching jobs can deteriorate quickly and end up costing you more money in the long run.

With the extreme heat and monsoon-like rain that we get here in Central Florida, it’s essential to address any noticeable cracks and other damage to your asphalt. With continuous wear on untended cracks, it may eventually lead to potholes, damage to cars, and other issues.

Why Does Asphalt Fail?
There are many reasons for failure, but the main reason is that water has penetrated the base or sub-base area. When water does this, base material shifting can occur, causing the asphalt to crack. Over time this can and will lead to larger cracks and the erosion of material. When the pavement has reached this point, the only option is to remove and replace it. This is done by saw-cutting or milling of the asphalt and removing all loose material.

How New Asphalt is Installed
A tack coat is applied, which helps the new asphalt adhere to the existing surface. New asphalt should be installed at a minimum of 1” depth and compacted with a vibratory plate or roller. We repair asphalt all over Central Florida. Call us today at 407-878-3155 to get a free estimate.