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Paving is the installation of asphalt on base when creating a new parking lot or overlaying an existing parking lot that is beyond repair.


New Parking Area:  When creating a new parking area you must first have a solid base. Just like building a new house a good foundation is key. Depending on elevation and other circumstances we dig out to 8 inches below grade on average and haul away. Next, is to install 6 to 7 inches of base and compact with a vibratory plate or roller. Finally, install type SIII hot asphalt mix rolled and compacted to 1-1/2” min.  For heavy traffic area 2” would be recommended.


Overlay Existing Area: At this point the asphalt is beyond repair.  An overlay is exactly what it says; we are overlaying the existing asphalt.  First, we must remove all loose material and debris from the area. Then a tack coat is applied, which will help bond the new asphalt to the existing surface. Hot asphalt mix is rolled and compacted to a 1” average in most cases. (For heavy commercial vehicle traffic, additional inch of asphalt should be considered.)

Paving & Overlay